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Maiden's Tower was first built by the ancient Athenian general Alkebiades in 408 B.C to control the movements of the Persian ships in the Bosphorus strait. Back then the tower was located between the ancient cities of Byzantion and Chrysopolis. The tower was later enlarged and rebuilt as a fortress by the Byzantine emperor Alexius Comnenus in 1110 AD, and was rebuilt and restored several times by the OtomanTurks, most significantly in 1509 and 1763. The most recent facelift was made in 1998 Steel supports were added around the ancient tower as a precaution after the 17 August 1999 earthquake

The painting is for sale

price 600 $ Oil on canvas unframed

Size 35-45 cm Realistic

My favorite artists are Vlachos Demetrios

Pericles Balafas and Vasilios Bottas