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Modern Art

Art exists ever since people populated earth. It is created by a man, it influences us, and moves us as we feel and see the beauty depicted by the artist who expresses his feelings using his imagination. Through the huge development in technologies and social changes that took part in the 19th century, modern art flourished during this period, and sparkled the creation of modern art movements such as cubism, abstract expressionism and Surrealism, to mention but a few of the most important art movements. The artist of modern art learns from himself and doesn’t need a special training, but creates through his experience and imagination. Modern art plays an important role in man’s life, in history, since it doesn’t only give us inspiration, but the freedom to express ourselves through the use of different means.

Parallel to the scientific, technological and social innovations, art has developed numerous new techniques. It is worth mentioning some of the –isms, expressionism, cubism, constructivism and surrealism. Modern art hasn’t a specific root, but it is generally accepted that it initiated between the 18th and 19th century inspired by the French Revolution. In its broader sense it also contains ability and creative imagination in a musical, literary and visual environment. It offers the people who create it and the community of people who watch it, experience that could be aesthetic, sentimental and mental, or a combination of any of these properties. Modern Art doesn’t follow any traditional rule. In fact Modern Art breaks this barrier. Van Gogh for example painted a field blue and the trees yellow. However modernist artists work with harmony ( an impression of unity, and arrangement of related objects and ideas).People find it difficult to correlate a Picasso or Kandisnky with Michael Angelo. With Modern Art you may ask yourself “what is it?”. By reading the title of the artwork you may get your answer. The medium the artist uses has an impact on his style. Eastern artists did not pay much attention to perspective, whereas western artists did. The aim of modern artists is to depict their themes in a more abstract way, using feelings and imagination to create their masterpieces. Sometimes we might interpret a modern artwork in a different way, something that is the beauty of this art and depends on how an art lover sees it