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According to an art critic “there is not any clear definition of art nowadays”. Another one declared that it is unthinkable now to give an art definition. There are so many viewpoints, that art critics and historians cannot agree on a definition of art, since anything can be called art. Certainly this was the case ever since Andy Warhol created his cans of tomato juice. If they were art, then anything created by man could be art, and the line between art and no art became invisible.

One thing is sure however, that artists kept up a steady production of art, but unfortunately the art lovers lost their bearings, trying to explain if what they saw was art or not and suited with what they had in mind about it.

The problem is that people haven’t given up art entirely, since they were told from an early age that it is a great thing. What do they come across with this attachment however? Nothing, because they find out there is no “essence” in it. They even overlook the fact that everything can be art, or that no art is better than any other kind of art.

It is true that the modernists, starting with the Dadaists, targeted art trying to wipe it out, in order to save it, as they thought, from the declining academic art of the previous centuries. In the mid fifties, this procedure was in full action eradicating the system established in museums and galleries all the time before.

Modernism has aimed at destroying the values of art, but didn’t make it clear where it was heading. The evolution of modern art in the sixties and seventies is known by the name of Conceptualism, which broke down the barriers to the established values of art as we know them. This art current attempted to free art from its limitations and keep it apart from the embracement of art history and criticism. It encouraged artists to use any kind of materials that could be found anywhere. What they created was not as important as the process itself. In this way it embraced all sorts of unclassified art according to the old system.

The twentieth century took art out of control. Even modern art critics and historians lost their ability to play a decisive role in managing contemporary art. The little monster they have created in their labs has broken its chains and refuses to obey rules of any system. All art history and tradition have gone down with modern art.