How to promote your art

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Art Marketing Tips

Marketing for artists isn’t different from any other kind of marketing. You are simply promoting a product and, along with it, yourself. However, most artists find it hard to sell their own art, but that’s what a collector is buying. You may feel awkward talking about your art and techniques to non-artists.

You can use some of the following tips to start with.

1. You must have a clear picture of yourself as an artist. Tell a customer what you do in a few words. “I paint landscapes and sell originals, prints at fairs and gift shops”. Don’t describe 4 different media you do. FOCUS.

2. Be realistic about what you can do, and exactly where you are heading, for instance sell in a gallery, or have your work in museums. FOCUS again.

3. You must know what your market is. The name of the gallery, and the customers interested in landscapes. FOCUS.

4. You must have business cards with a logo customers will remember you from. Once your work is selling, have a brochure, color cards and an album with small quality photos of your work. You may wish to put up your own web site.

5. Join art groups and art events whenever is possible. Pass out cards to everyone within reach, when you take part at an art event. Visit trade shows and mingle with other artists and art industry people. Send out press releases about your shows and activities. Offer a free class or demonstration at a college. Whatever you do will be noticed.

6. List everyone you know and everyone you meet. Keep their names and cards, even on a database if you have a computer. Keep the list up to date, and their potential as a possible customer or exhibition sponsor.

7. You must allow adequate time for marketing, but don’t forget to let enough time for painting. Your art comes first.

8. You must make your prices fit your market. How much can you sell when you exhibit near a college campus? Once you are established you can adjust your prices upwards.

9. Make a step-by-step plan for your art events and promotion. Don’t leave anything to chance when you plan an exhibition. Decide how to handle sales, have hand outs ready, set out a pad to collect names for a mailing list.

10. Once you decide to go for it, do it right. If you frame your own artwork, do it right with suitable frames, otherwise leave it to professionals. If you approach a gallery, check it out to be sure it’s suitable for your work. Make a clean presentation with an organized portfolio and don’t show up without an appointment.