Good or bad art

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Good or bad Art

After prevailing in the early 20th century, modernist painters have started oppressing the traditional artists for the way they expressed their art. Realism was actually banned from fine art institutes all over the world. Although art museums exhibited the realistic art of past centuries, they stubbornly refused to exhibit the works of world class contemporary realist artists, and ignored them without any excuse. At the same time they amply allowed Perceptual artists to exhibit their constructions, irrespective of poor quality, or lack of grace and meaning.

It is true that most of the modern works of art can not reach the height of the term “art”. It doesn’t mean of course that they can not create modern art, or even exhibit it. For four generations modernist artists and fine art college professors have been controlling all the major art museums, and galleries. They have also controlled all the fine art schools and the newspaper art reviews. They have been taking state subsidies and their art brochures have become school art books. Little children at the kindergarten are discouraged from painting realistically .When they grow, they are derided because they waste their time, and claim that anybody can paint a realistic work of art. Their teachers replace pencils with paper, buttons, glue and magazines and ask them to make collage instead.

Art professors with a realistic inclination have been dismissed from their posts in art schools and this nasty climate got worse in the midst of the 20ieth century. Very few art organizations managed to rescue these “heretic” realistic viewpoints. Ever since this cyclone of modern art has made its cycle without achieving its goals, that is its acceptance by the public, it gave place to a more tolerant behaviour. Very few heroic artists preserved the secrets of the great art of the past and started coming back dynamically with the love and encouragement of the art public and claimed the place in art that belongs to them. As oppression recedes, that doesn’t mean they will become oppressors themselves, since it is the public who will decide by themselves. The road ahead of them is still a long way off , but the truth and beauty of realistic art, thanks to the web that brings art into every house so easily, will bring about an inevitable comparison between them and it is true beyond any doubt that they will prevail.